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How to setup WFilter NG Firewall to work with a three layer switch in a multiple VLANs network?

In this article, I’m going to walk you through setting up a two-VLAN network with a Layer 3 switch(Cisco 3550). I am also going to setup WFilter NG Firewall as the gateway to routing for this VLANs.

Network Topology


As in the above network topology diagram:

  1. There are two VLANs in the Cisco 3550 swith( Vlan2 –, and VLAN3 –
  2. WFilter NG Firewall is in subnet
  3. The uplink port of Cisco 3550 has IP address

Configuring the Cisco switch

Commands to setup the Cisco 3550 switch:

Setup port VLAN

Switch#configure terminal

Switch(config)#interface fa0/12

Switch(config-if)#switchport mode trunk

Switch(config-if)#switchport access vlan 2


Setup VLAN IP and subnet

Switch#configure terminal

Switch(config)#interface vlan 2

Switch(config-if)#ip address


Setup the uplink port

Switch#configure terminal

Switch(config)#interface fa0/1

Switch(config-if)#no switchport

Switch(config-if)#ip address

Enable IP Routing

Switch#configure terminal

Switch(config)#ip routing


Configuring WFilter NG Firewall

For WFilter NG Firewall to route VLANs traffic, you need to add VLAN subnets in “Routing” of WFilter NG Firewall.

threelayer_vlan_ros2_en threelayer_vlan_ros1_en