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How to use the “punish group” feature in WFilter NG firewall?

This article will introduce the “punish group” feature of WFilter NG firewall. The punish group is a virtual group, which enables you to:

  • 1. Set punish policies to punished clients. For example: disallow entertainment sites, rate limits to 20K.
  • 2. Add an user to the “punish group” for a limited time.
  • 3. Add multiple users to the “punish group” by WFilter extensions.

Set policies to the punish group

You can set policies to the punish group in “Access Policy” and “Bandwidth”.

“Punish group” is a virtual group. You also can define your own virual group for various temp rules.

Introduction to WFilter NGF’s bandwidth optimize features.

You will come to the following solutions when your internet bandwidth is insufficient:

Actullay, these three solutions have disadvantages:

  • 1. Without access control, using multiple broadband connections can not bring better experience. It because downloading and streaming can easily consume most of your bandwidth.
  • 2. “Application blocking” can save your bandwidth. However, users experience are impacted. Users will complain about no streaming or downloading.
  • 3. Rate limiting does not optimize your bandwidth. Users will still complain about slow internet speed.

WFilter NG firewall brings a total solution for bandwidth optimization.

1. Powerful access control policy

With “Access Policy” modules, you can block p2p downloading, online streaming, streaming websites. Please check: Access Policy

2. Multi-WAN load balancing and routing

In case you have multiple broadband connections, WFilter NGF’s “Multi-WAN” module can help you to:

  • 1. Load balancing on multiple broadband connections.
  • 2. Setup routing policies. For example, a). business servers are routed to a dedicated connection, b). video sites are routed to another connection.

For more details, please check: Muti-WAN

3. Bandwidth priority

With the “Priority” module, traffic with higher priority goes first. For example, you can set business servers traffic to the highest priority. So even the network is extremly busy, servers bandwidth won’t be influenced.

When installed, there are default rules: email > web > p2p and streaming. You also can customize your own rules.

For more details, please check: bandwidth priority

4. Bandwidth shaper

This module is for you to set bandwidth rate for clients. You can set the rate to ip ranges, user group or department.

Each group have a “maximum bandwidth rate” and “minimum bandwidth rate”. The minimum rate ensures the clients to have this bandwidth rate even the line is busy.

For more details, please check: bandwidth shaper

Try WFilter NGF now: WFilter NG firewall

WFilter NG Firewall, a linux based next generation firewall and routerOS, is released.

After two years of development, we’re now pleased to announce a new product: “WFilter NG Firewall”, a linux based next generation firewall and routerOS.

WFilter NG Firewall is a routerOS system, which can only be installed in a x86 pc by now. It integrates most features of “WFilter Enterprise”, together with several new features “bandwidth optimizer”, “Multi-WAN”, “user authentication”, “VPN” and others.

WFilter ROS brings you powerful live connection monitoring and access control. Features highlights:

  1. Live connection monitoring and control: you can kill live connections, or add user to the punish group.
  2. URL database supports up to 60+ web categories
  3. Set internet access policy by network, ip address, mac address or username.
  4. Monitor MAC addresses of clients in subnet. Please check: MAC Detector
  5. IP-MAC binding in multi-segments networks. Please check: IP-MAC Binding
  6. Smart bandwidth optimizer and shaper. Please check: Bandwidth Optimizer

Both “enterprise license” or “free license” are supported. The free license is for life-time and has no users limit.

You may download WFilter ROS at: