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The ISP module of WFilter NG Firewall, a total solution for ISP management.

For ISP network management, you will need:

  1. User authentication.
  2. Monitor and filter of internet activities.
  3. Bandwidth shaper.
  4. Accounting and statistics.

Usually, you will need several systems to achieve this goal. Today, WFilter NG Firewall, a linux based next generation firewall provides a total solution for ISP network management, with below features:

  1. Two types of authentication: “Web Auth” and “PPPoE Auth”.
  2. An “Internet Usage” module to record web surfing, downloading activities.
  3. Rich internet access control policies: web filter, application control, ip-mac binding …
  4. Bandwidth policies of realtime rate limit and monthly bandwidth cap limit.
  5. Bandwidth optimize solutions.
  6. Internet usage and bandwidth statistics.
  7. A web push feature to push statistics, web page and advertise.

All these features can be configured in the “WFilter ISP module“.

Some screenshots:


User settings

User Portal

More details can be found at here: WFilter NG Firewall ISP Module

WFilter MultiPing: how to ping multiple hosts and get report diagram?

A new extension of WFilter, multiping, is recently released.

This extension can ping multiple hosts at a time, with a graph statistics. With this extension, you can monitor the network performance of your servers, even for a whole day.

Settings and screenshots of WFilter multiping extension

Define hosts to be monitored.

Diagram of history ping performance.

This extension can be installed in “WFilter Enterprise”, “WFilter Free” and “WFilterROS”.

Homepage: WFilter multiping extension

Document: Graph ping performance of multiple hosts