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How to block google talk in gmail with WFilter?

Though official Google Talk protocol is XMPP, it is more
complicated and flexible than XMPP. Google Talk (GTalk) provides several ways for you to access your gtalk account, including:

  • 1). Official  “Google Talk” client.
  • 2). Gmail chat in google mail account.
  • 3). Google Talk Gadget — a web version of Gtalk.

This makes it complicated for you to block usage of google talk on company network. This tutorial will guide you to block google talk, gmail chat and google talk gadget using WFilter.

WFilter identifies Google talk connections by signature matching. Blocking google talk is simple in WFilter.

The below examples demonstrates blocking of google talk and gmail chat.

1. Blocking of jabber, gmail chat and gadget

Set a blocking policy in WFilter to block jabber and google talk:

2. Blocked Google talk:

3. Blocked gadget

4. Blocked gmail chat

How to block MSN online game with WFilter?

Do you notice that your staffs are playing MSN online games during working time? Do you know how to stop them playing games? Here we are talking about how to block MSN games.


This tutorial will guide you to block MSN online game with WFilter.


1. Open WFilter, choose ‘System Settings—>Customize Protocols’,set ‘Protocol Name,Protocol Desc, Protocol Type, Show it in Blocking Rule’ as the picture, then click ‘New Pattern’.

2. Input the following words into the textbox. Then click ‘Save Settings’.

Name:       MSN Game

Desc:        MSN Game

Type:        HTTP SEND

Begin Byte:  (Leave it as blank.)

Offset:      0
Format:     X-IM-URL
Content:    ^GET\s\/GameBrowser\/GameBrows

3. In ‘Control Settings’–>’Blocking Levels’–>’Level Name: Block MSN Game’–>in tab ‘Games and stock’, check ‘Block MSN Game’.

4. In ‘User-computer Table’, change the Blocking Rules of a certain IP –> ‘Save Settings’–>’Apply Changes’.

5.Now let’s check whether WFilter works!

How to block file uploading to internet in business networks?

For security purpose, you might want to block employees file uploading to internet on your network. However, since there are so many tools can be used for uploading, it is extremely difficult to block them all.

Files can be uploaded in various ways:
1. Upload to certain websites, eg: webmail, file sharing websites…
2. Using msn/yahoo/icq messengers to send files.
3. Email attachments.
4. FTP
5. Other third party tools.

WFilter provide a simply solution to block file uploading on company networks. Using WFilter, you can block file uploading and file transfers of all computers from ONE computer.

This tutorial will guide you to block file uploading using WFilter.

First, block file uploading to websites.

Please notice “block uploading files via web pages” only works on HTTP websites. To control HTTPs websites, you can use “HTTPS black/white list” in “Others” of WFilter.

Second, block email attachments.

Third, block FTP and file transfer via messengers.

Last, block unknown protocols.

Blocking unknown protocols blocks file uploading using other unknown third party programs.

More information, please check “WFilter Internet Content Filter”.