Monthly Archives: January 2015

How to uninstall WFilter?

This tutorial will demonstrator you the steps to uninstall WFilter.

1. Click the “Uninstall WFilter” shortcut

Click the “Uninstall WFilter” shortcut in windows programs list.

2. Confirm un-installation

3. Un-installation Success.

Wait until end of the un-installation.

How to block “Online Games” in WFilter 4.1?

This article introduce you to block “Online Games” in WFilter 4.1 .

1. New a blocking level in “Policy Settings->Blocking Levels”, enable ‘Block webpages by categories’ and click ‘New’:

2. Edit Webpage Category Policy :

3. Apply this blocking level to computer:

4. Check result(e.g

And you can check blocking record in ‘Current Online-Realtime Blocking’.