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How to filter the internet access for business network?

The internet has been turned to an invaluable tool in business. However, the availability of internet currently has given
an important risk factor to the employer liability and at the same time
consumes the employers 90% of hours in productivity.

Therefore internet access shall be filtered and restricted to keep the working productivity of your employees.

There have several ways to filter internet access:

1. Setup an network internet filtering program.
With a filtering program, you will be able to filter internet access of all computers in your network from ONE computer only.
There have a lot such products in the market. For example, WFilter
Enterprise, or Websense Enterprise are very helpful for you to filter internet access of network computers.

Passby internet filtering products usually require you to setup a mirroring port in a manageable switch. Setting up a mirroring port does no change to your network toplogly and it will not influence your network performance.

2. Setup ACL policy in your Router/Firewall/UTM. Firewall devices can
enable you to block websites/ports/ip addresses. So you also can setup
ACL rules in your firewall to block certain traffic. For more
information about UTM solution, please visit

3. Filter websites from the dns server. You may try “opendns” solution.
Opendns solution is simple and easy to setup. However, with this
solution, there can only have one policy for your entire network.