How to whitelist websites in WFilter?

In WFilter NG firewall, whitelist a website is very simple. You simply need to put the domain in the allowed list of “web filter”. Screenshot as below:


However, real world webpages can be complicated. For example, webpage A also includes resources from website B. So webpage A can not display correctly unless website B is also whitelisted.

To find out the domains of website B, you have to solutions:

Solution one: check the blocking events in WFilter.



In “realtime bandwidth”, click the bandwidth number of the testing client. You will be able to check the “blocking events”. All recent blocked domains/IP will be listed. So, you can find out the external domains.

Solution two: check network activites in browser.

By press F12, you will be able to check network activites of your browser. So you know which resources/urls are not loaded.


With the above two solutions, you can find the extra domains to be whitelisted. You need to add these domains to the allowed list in web filter.