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How to push web pages to network clients with Wfilter ?

In WFilter 4.1 version,a new feature named “web content pushing” is added. This feature enables you to push a web page to client devices at a time interval. You can define time interval, triggers for pushing and pushing pages.

In this example, I will guide you to use the “web content pushing”in WFilter 4.1.

1.Wfilter Settings

1.1New a blocking level

Add a “company broadcast” policy in “Policy Settings”->”Blocking Level Settings”. Check “Enable Web Content Pushing” and click “New”.

Add a new “web content pushing” named “broadcast”, in “Triggers”, input “” which means this web pushing shall be triggered when is visited.

In “Content”, you can put anything you want to broadcast. It will be displayed when triggered.

Apply this blocking policy to target ip ranges.

1.2 When an user visits, the broadcast message will show up every ten minutes.

How to block DropBox with WFilter free?

From version 1.0.172, WFilter free is able to block dropbox on network. In this guide, I will demonstrate you to block dropbox with WFilter free edition.

1.Download dropbox protocol

2.New a “block dropbox” policy

New a “block dropbox” policy in “Policy Settings”->”Blocking Level Settings”.

3.Define ip ranges to be blocked

Apply the “block utorrent” policy to client ip ranges in “User-device List”.

4.Check dropbox program and website

Can’t connect to dropbox server and website.