WFilter NG Firewall, a linux based next generation firewall and routerOS, is released.

After two years of development, we’re now pleased to announce a new product: “WFilter NG Firewall”, a linux based next generation firewall and routerOS.

WFilter NG Firewall is a routerOS system, which can only be installed in a x86 pc by now. It integrates most features of “WFilter Enterprise”, together with several new features “bandwidth optimizer”, “Multi-WAN”, “user authentication”, “VPN” and others.

WFilter ROS brings you powerful live connection monitoring and access control. Features highlights:

  1. Live connection monitoring and control: you can kill live connections, or add user to the punish group.
  2. URL database supports up to 60+ web categories
  3. Set internet access policy by network, ip address, mac address or username.
  4. Monitor MAC addresses of clients in subnet. Please check: MAC Detector
  5. IP-MAC binding in multi-segments networks. Please check: IP-MAC Binding
  6. Smart bandwidth optimizer and shaper. Please check: Bandwidth Optimizer

Both “enterprise license” or “free license” are supported. The free license is for life-time and has no users limit.

You may download WFilter ROS at:

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