How to block utorrent downloading with WFilter 4.1?

From version 4.1, WFilter is able to block bittorrent traffic on network. Various bittorrent clients are supported, including utorrent. In this guide, I will demonstrate you to block utorrent downloading with WFilter 4.1, Web Filter Software.

Please Notice: in pass-by filtering mode, you need to block udp ports 1024-65534 in your router or firewall for complete blocking of utorrent.

Below are the steps to block utorrent in WFilter, if you haven’t deployed WFilter successfully, please check “WFilter Deployment Guide”.

1.New a “block utorrent” policy

New a “block utorrent” policy in “Policy Settings”->”Blocking Level Settings”.

Define ip ranges to be blocked.

Apply the “block utorrent” policy to client ip ranges in “User-device List”.

3.Now utorrent downloading is blocked.

Utorrent download speed will be zero when blocked.

In WFilter’s blocking history logs, you will be able to see blocking events of utorrent .

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