Do not forget to block QUIZ to block youtube and other google sites.

In google chrome, a new protocol named QUIZ, is implemented. The protocol description can be found at

It says QUIZ can improve website performance by 3%. However, because QUIZ is an UDP based encrypted protocol, ¬†domains support QUIZ will not be blocked with WFilter’s web filter.

This issue happens in Chrome browser to Google sites only(including youtube). To make web filter working, you’re recommended to block QUIZ completely.

In pass-by deployment with WFilter Enterprise, you’re recommended to block udp ports “443 -65534″ in your firewall and router.

In WFilterROS, you can block QUIZ in the “app control” module.

Demonstrations of blocking youtube.

When QUIZ is not blocked, you can only see QUIZ traffic when visiting of youtube with chrome.


Block QUIZ in app control.


Now “QUIZ” connections are all blocked, and youtube can be blocked by WFilter.



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