Block video websites with WFilter 4.0 version.

Online audio/video streaming can consume most of your bandwidth. To save your bandwidth, you might want to block online steaming traffic on your network.

Online streaming can run on different protocols:

  1. Video websites like youtube. You can watch video directly on the webpages.
  2. Standard Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP).
  3. P2P based streaming products, like pplive, ppstream.
  4. Video downloading websites.

Therefore, for complete blocking of online streaming, you need to setup several policies.

1. Block streaming webpages

You can block video webpages by check “Block Online HTTP Video and Downloading of Video Files” in WFilter.

Step1: Enable this blocking option in blocking level settings.

Step2: Apply this policy to computers.

Step3: Check blocked video webpages

Now video webpages are blocked.

2. Block “Streaming Media” website category

WFilter has an url database with most common websites. You can block streaming websites category.

Streaming websites will be blocked.

For more details about WFilter, please check: WFilter Features

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