How to manage several WFilter servers from a central location?

When you need to manage several offices internet access, it will be helpful if you can do the management in a central location.

This tutorial will guide you to manage several WFilter servers within a same user interface.

1. Edit WFilter servers

Step1: In WFilter’s dashboard, click “Edit” to define remote servers.

Step2: add servers.

Please notice:

  1. Remote server’s admin password is required.
  2. The remote WFilter server shall be configured as “Allow Remote Access” in “System Settings”->”Remote Access Control”.
  3. If you’re connecting the remote server from internet, you need to forward tcp port 9090 to the WFilter server in the remote network router.
  4. If the remote network don’t have a fixed internet ip address, you also can access the remote server by dynamic domain name.

2. Switch WFilter servers in the dashboard.

Now you can switch WFilter servers in the dashboard. All the data will be retrieved from remote servers. So you can manage different WFilter servers in a central location.


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