How to block Mail.Ru Agent in network?

1. What is the Mail.Ru Agent?

Mail.Ru is the leading Internet portal in Russia in communication and entertainment. Its key product is the biggest communication portal for Russian speaking audience that includes the largest free webmail service, instant messenger Mail.Ru Agent, national social network Moi Mir@Mail.Ru and search engine Poisk@Mail.Ru, Mail.Ru headquarters is in Moscow.

Also Mail.Ru is the leader in online game publishing with over 50 percent market share in Russia. The company is a publisher of more than 100 game titles in Russia, Europe, Asia, including such popular original titles as Troetsarstvie, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online as well as successful international licenses such as Perfect World II, Lord of the Rings Online. Also Mail.Ru owns 50 percent in NIKITA.ONLINE.

This turtorial will guide you to block Mail.Ru Agent in your network.

2. How to block Mail.Ru Agent and Web-Mail.Ru?

2.1. First, add a new Custom Protocol

Because “Mail.Ru Agent” is not in Wfilter default pattern database, you need to add a custom protocol.

            The first pattern:

            Name: Mail.Ru_TCP
            Desc: Mail.Ru_TCP
            Type: TCP SEND
            Offset: 0
            Format: 0
            Content: ^\xef\xbe\xad\xde

            The second pattern:

            Name: Mail.Ru_HTTP
            Desc: Mail.Ru_HTTP
            Type: HTTP SEND
            Offset: 0
            Format: Host
            Content: ^(mra|webagent)\.mail\.ru

              The third pattern:

            Name: Mail.Ru_TCP_2
            Desc: Mail.Ru_TCP_2
            Type: TCP RECV
            Offset: 0
            Format: 0
            Content: ^\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}:2041\x0a$


2.2. Enable blocking of “ Agent” in certain blocking policy.

Apply this blocking policy to certain computers.


3. Now Mail.Ru Agent will be completely blocked.

4. Web-Mail.Ru is also blocked.

More information, please check “WFilter Enterprise”.

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