How to setup ip-mac binding in WFilter?

You may assign static ip addresses to computers manually or in your DHCP server. However, it is difficult to prevent users from changing their ip addresses or mac addresses. Though it is more reasonable to setup ip-mac binding in routers or switches, software solution is also a good option, as it is easier to setup and manage.

This tutorial will guide you to bind ip addresses to mac addresses in WFilter, an internet filtering and monitoring software product.

First, you need to setup a mirror port in your switch to do monitoring.
For how to deploy internet monitoring and filtering, check this guide: How to monitor internet usage?

Second, in “Control Settings”->”IP Management” of WFilter, you can setup ip-mac binding just by a few clicks.

When ip-mac binding is setup, internet access will be blocked when the user tries to change ip address or mac address.

Please notice: “ip-mac binding” feature of WFilter only works for single segment networks. It is because the real MAC addresses of computers can not be retrieved  in a multiple-segments network.


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