WFilter ICF vs. proxy-based internet filtering solutions

Proxy-based internet filtering solution requires you to setup a proxy server, either transparent or non-transparent, then you can setup policies to filter web access. There are a lot open source or free products. This solution has below advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Free or open source.
  2. Can filter websites.


  1. Most are linux-based. You need a linux pc to setup the proxy.
  2. No support.
  3. Less features. Only for domain filtering.
  4. Add network latency.


Proxy-based internet filtering solution is similar to the “website black list” in your router/firewall. If you only need to block some sites, it’s an option.

With WFilter ICF, you will get:

  1. Enterprise-level internet monitoring and filtering features.
  2. Dedicated support.
  3. No influence to network performance.
  4. Easier to be deployed.