How to monitor internet bandwidth usage in lan network?

Internet bandwidth is always not enough if clients in your network have unrestricted internet access. Torrent, downloading, online videos can eaisly consume most of your bandwidth.

As an IT administrator, to protect your internet bandwidth from being abused, you need to have full control of your network.

WFilter provides a total solution to monitor and manage internet bandwidth usage in lan network, with below features:

1. Monitoring live connections bandwidth

In “real-time bandwidth”, you can get a list of client devices, including IPs, MAC addresses, operator system and bandwidth rate. You also can get live connections of client devices.


2.  Bandwidth shaper and priority optimize



A complete guide of bandwidth optimization can be found at here: WFilter NG Firewall bandwidth optimization solutions

3. Bandwidth usage reports



WFilter NG firewall needs to be deployed as  gateway or network bridge of your network. If you prefer pass-by bandwidth monitoring solutions, please check: WFilter Enterprise.

A youtube video of internet bandwidth monitoring of WFilter Enterprise can be found at: How to monitor internet bandwidth usage on network?